The Half Hour Hank App

Get those misfit projects done!

The outdoor lights on the garage should be replaced. The kitchen gooseneck faucet could use a little tightening. What about the patch-and-paint for the drywall behind the dryer? Man, I still need to find a great spot on the wall to hang that cool Seinfeld poster I got for my birthday…

These are the random misfit projects of a homeowner. These are the projects Half Hour Hank is perfect for.  Forgettable, thankless, one-off projects that don’t require a bunch of steps to get done and can be completed in a day or much less.

These projects live in project purgatory somewhere between the weekly chores you do to make sure you aren’t buried in filth and the much more satisfying big home improvement projects that get you major props from your mother-in-law.

You have good intentions, but these misfit projects never seem to get done. These misfit projects are thankless things that don’t seem to make a difference in your home life. So, you put them put off.

They do make a difference, though. All these little projects, when completed, collectively add up to a significantly better home life…or a worse life if ignored for too long.

Not to mention it eats away a little at your insides every time you pass the ugly overgrown brush on the north side of your detached garage.

Half Hour Hank can help you take control back from that seemingly endless list of misfit projects. Those minor repairs or small home improvements or even life upgrades you’d eventually like to get done.

Half Hour Hank is a place to put all the one-off projects bouncing around in your head. Half Hour Hank helps clears your mind-space.

Half Hour Hank is much more than a typical throw-away honey-do list. Half Hour Hank is a to-do tracker that combines the urgency of weekly chores with the kind of credit you get for the large home-improvement projects.

Half Hour Hank was designed to give you a little motivation to finally check those misfit projects off your list. Download Half Hour Hank today and Get Those Misfit Projects Done!