How To Use Hank

Step 1: Enter your misfit projects

Clear your mind of all the misfit projects rattling around in your head. Enter them in the Brain Dump screen and assign a Half Hour Hank time value to each of them based on how long you think that project might take.

The choices are 1/2 Hour Project, 1/2 Afternoon Project (2.5 hours), 1/2 Day Project (5.5 hours), and 1/2 Weekend Project (12.5 hours). The projects will show up organized by time value on the Project List screen.

Be concise. Keep it simple.

Add some descriptors in the “Project Title” if you want to. But this app is best used for projects that can be described in less than 10 words. If there’s a larger project that requires several steps to get done and those steps don’t have to be done in any particular order, enter them as separate projects in Half Hour Hank.

Step 2: Choose your project

Go to the Randomizer tool in the app. Decide how much time you might have during a given day to complete a Half Hour Hank project. Select one of the Half Hour Hank time values and press the Choose! button.

The Half Hour Hank Randomizer will choose a project for you to schedule. That’s one less decision in a day you have to make. The Randomizer has spoken!

Step 3: Schedule your project

Once the Randomizer has chosen your project, you can schedule the project right in the Randomizer tool. That project will then show up as “Scheduled” at the top of your Project List screen.

Or if you have a particular project in mind and want to bypass the Randomizer, schedule your project directly from the Project List screen. We’ve made it easy to search projects by keyword. When you find your desired project on the Project List screen, simply swipe left to Schedule.

Step 4: Complete your project

You actually have to do the work, now. Complete your project. For real. Get that misfit project done! Don’t rush. The time value you assigned your project was just an estimate to help the app organize.

Once complete, simply swipe left on that project on the Project List screen and press Done!.

Step 5: Earn points for completed projects

By now you may have noticed a point value next to projects on the Project List screen. The Half Hour Hank app automatically assigns a point value to the projects in your Project List when they are entered.

The math is simple. 1/2 Hour projects are worth 1 point. 1/2 Afternoon projects are worth 5 points. 1/2 Day projects are worth 11 points. 1/2 Weekend projects are worth 25 points. You get 1 point for every half hour!

The Half Hour Hank app keeps track of all your completed projects and the total number of points you’ve earned for completing them. Check your total score out on the Score screen.

You deserve some credit for staying on top of all the misfit projects in your life. Watch your score rise and reflect back on what you’ve accomplished as you come to realize all those minor repairs and tiny home improvements really do add up to make a big difference.

Step 6: Level up!

What fun would a point Score be without an utterly meaningless Rank to go along with it? Everyone likes to level up!

There are more than 100 levels and 16 named ranks in the Half Hour Hank app. Don’t be discouraged, everyone starts off as Lazy Lester. Stick with it and you could soon be Captain Adequate, well on your way to becoming This Old Klaus and eventually Half Hour Hank himself.

Not to worry, ladies. We’ve got a female role model too. Hank’s sister, Hilda, has been getting misfit projects done for decades. Tap on Hank’s head on the Score screen to switch to Hilda.

Of course, you don’t really earn any trinkets or prizes for leveling up. Just the knowledge that you’re moving the needle on the projects that just seem to pile up. You’ve got the points to prove it.

Oh, and there’s the supreme satisfaction of a job well done!

Here’s a short demo: